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7 Questions About Your Thyroid Cancer Surgery Answered

Are you getting ready for thyroid cancer surgery? You probably have a few questions. We asked endocrine surgeon Rosemarie Metzger, MD, the most common questions people ask about thyroid surgery. Here are her responses:

1. Is there more than one type of surgery for thyroid cancer?
The standard treatment for thyroid cancer is surgical removal of the entire thyroid (total thyroidectomy). “The major way that surgeries for thyroid cancer can differ is if we also have to remove the lymph nodes,” says Dr. Metzger.

“In some cases, we’ll remove the lymph nodes that are immediately behind or underneath the thyroid if we suspect the cancer has spread to those lymph nodes or if we discover they are cancerous during surgery. In a small subset of patients, we may also have to remove the lymph nodes on the side of the neck.”

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