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Can Ultrasound Help You Fight Prostate Cancer — and Avoid Surgery?

Prostate CancerIf you have localized prostate cancer, you should know that a relatively new treatment — high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) therapy — may help you avoid surgery or radiation therapy. HIFU also produces fewer side effects than those common in more traditional treatments.

Some men are hesitant to talk to their doctors about their health and health concerns. This is especially true when it comes to prostate cancer, though it is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in men.

The potential side effects of prostate cancer treatment include erectile dysfunction (ED) and incontinence — other health topics that you might rather not discuss.

But it’s a good idea to ask your doctor about HIFU, especially because it may help you avoid those side effects.

Urologist David Levy, MD, explains the basics about HIFU therapy, and he discusses the pros and cons of using it to treat prostate cancer.

How does HIFU therapy work?