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Do You Have Heart Failure? Study Finds Surprising Benefits of LVAD Device

LVADA special device that helps the heart pump blood may benefit more patients with heart failure than previously thought, a recent study says.

The device, called a left ventricular assist device (LVAD), is placed inside the heart. The device helps the weakened left ventricle — the major pumping chamber of the heart — to pump oxygen-rich blood throughout your body.

If you have end-stage heart failure, the LVAD can:

  • Maintain or improve organ function by improving blood flow to your kidneys, liver, brain and other organs

  • Improve your strength and ability to participate in activities such as cardiac rehabilitation and to get discharged from the hospital

  • Help you live a longer life with improved quality of life

  • Many patients who receive LVAD devices are in the hospital and depend on intravenous medicines that help their hearts pump blood. This study looked at patients who don’t require intravenous medication and compared those that received the LVAD with those who elected to continue with oral medications.

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