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Do You Know Your Options For Osteoarthritis?

Knee Pain“What are my options?”

If you have a persistent condition such as osteoarthritis, ask this question frequently. When you have a health issue that goes on for years, it’s easy to just go about your regular treatment routine and assume it’s still the best. But it never hurts to ask for new options and the latest information about what’s happening in the field.

There is no cure for osteoarthritis. But the way we manage the disease and offer relief from symptoms continues to improve. Below are just a few examples.

Take a load off
Is your impression of knee braces based on flimsy over-the-counter options? Then it’s worth having a talk with your doctor.

Specialists can design very light, very portable knee braces based on exactly where your knee is damaged. These braces aren’t just for support, though. For example, one option is an “unloader” brace, which releases the stress and physical pressure on your joints. Your knee pain comes from bone-on-bone friction. These braces create a gap to prevent that friction. After damaging my own knee skiing several years back, I use one myself.

Best of all, a good brace may allow you to keep exercising. Exercise not only helps you keep your range of motion, but also maintain a healthy weight. And being overweight is one of many risk factors for osteoarthritis.

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