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Ed and Pam Godlewsky Seek a MyConsult Online Pre-Adoption Consultation While Considering the Medical Needs of a Child in China

In the ten years that they've been married, Ed and Pam Godlewsky have faced their share of obstacles. After trying for several years, they learned through their doctor that the probability of having a child naturally was quite low, while the cost of fertility treatments would be quite high. So they decided to look into adoption. After extensive research, they elected to pursue adopting a child from China and were placed on a waiting list for several years. Following two unsuccessful attempts to adopt a Chinese child, the Godlewskys learned about Mason, a Chinese boy who required corrective surgery following his birth. While determining if Mason was the right fit for their family, the Godlewskys reached out to Cleveland Clinic's MyConsult Pre-Adoption Consultation program to seek some expert advice.