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How a New Tool Can Help Your Decision About Epilepsy Surgery

Specialized surgery is a promising option for many people experiencing epilepsy who continue to have seizures despite medical treatment.

Epilepsy surgery has significantly improved the lives of many thousands of adults and children worldwide, and experts now routinely consider this option whenever medications have proven ineffective.

But how can patients accurately gauge the potential risks and benefits of the procedure before they decide whether to proceed?

Fortunately, the risks for epilepsy surgery are low, and in fact, research has shown that it’s safer to proceed with surgery than to continue for a lifetime with uncontrolled epilepsy.

Chances for success
Less easily predicted, however, is the likelihood that the surgery will be beneficial. In other words, how likely is the surgery to stop the seizures altogether, when medication did not?

During the counseling process, doctors typically present patients with the “average” chance of success. Patients would naturally prefer to know the chance for success in their individual case, based on the results in patients similar to them. This information has not generally been readily available to doctors for surgery counseling discussions.

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