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How What You Eat Can Impact Your Prostate Cancer

About one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their lives, says The American Cancer Society. But there is good news. The simple act of eating the right foods can improve your chances of becoming a prostate cancer survivor.

Some foods fuel disease

Experts — backed by research — believe some foods can impact prostate cancer growth. In one published study of 30 men with untreated cancer confined to the prostate gland, eliminating meat and dairy from their diets and converting to a vegetarian diet resulted in a significant decrease in the rate of prostate cell growth.

“If they’re eating sugary things and they’re eating a lot of meat and dairy products, we know those foods provide fuel to the cancer cells,” urologist David Levy, MD says.

Dr. Levy tells his prostate cancer patients to limit red meat and eat it no more than two or three times per month.

He also recommends his patients eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and significantly limit dairy and sugary foods.

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