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How You Can Give Prostate Cancer the ‘Cold Treatment’

Male PatientHere’s a less-known, but effective prostate cancer treatment: freeze the cancer cells.

Using cold temperatures on prostate tissue to kill cancer cells – or what’s called cryotherapy – offers an excellent option for some prostate cancer patients, experts say.

It not only works very well for the right cases, but the risk of complications is low.

“It is minimally invasive and incision-free,” says Cleveland Clinic urologist David Levy, MD. “In fact, we don’t remove the prostate — it simply turns into scar tissue while preserving normal urinary function,” he says.

Who is a good candidate?

Men with early-stage prostate cancer can often benefit from cryotherapy. Doctors also recommend it for patients whose radiation treatments were unsuccessful.

However, cryotherapy won’t work for everyone. It may not work well for men with larger prostates, but in those cases, hormone therapy may shrink the gland and make these patients eligible candidates.

See how it works.